Kat & Earl // Highlight Vignette

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Here’s our latest wedding vignette! It’s been a while due to the lull in wedding seasons. But we were able to capture this beautiful and fun wedding in Los Angeles in mid January. The ceremony took place near downtown Los Angeles and the reception was in Pasadena. We even got to shoot at the Los Angeles Library while the couple was getting their photos taken. Fellow videographer Vince and I enjoyed capturing the couple’s fun and quirky side. Their reception decorations were very cute – all Disney/movie related.

Earl, the groom, is a screenwriter and had an old Remington typewriter at the reception. He had typed out the first chapter of their lives and left the rest of the book empty for guests to sign. I thought this was a very cool idea and I wanted to capture the essence of their perfectly scripted day in the highlight vignette. I used my very own Remington Typewriter to type out the title introduction – something I normally wouldn’t do, but this seemed like the perfect case!

We loved capturing the toasts and tried to pick some of the most powerful and emotional moments to give a sense of true love that these families had for the couple. One of my favorite shots took place at the site of the reception. We were looking for a place to take photos and as the bride and her brides maids were standing around, I ran up a few flights of a staircase across the path. This ended in a beautiful shot of the bride with lots of negative space – making you really focus on what is important.

Overall, this was one of our favorite weddings. We liked shooting during the day. There was so much available lighting. Even in the reception hall, we weren’t competing with our cameras to try to get beautiful shots. Vince used some old Minolta lenses on his 5d that have a nice warm/vignette look. Check out those shots during the reception footage.

Thank you Kat and Earl for allowing us to take part in your day! We hope you cherish your wedding vignette for a lifetime!

Phil and the Weddings 360 Team

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